We are all Soul


We are all Soul.

Broken-hearted in our personality to see the inside.

Touched in ways you could not imagine,

Keep you going and makes you reflect.

We are all Soul.

You are me and I am you.

What do you want with your life?

You're yourself, huh?

We are all Soul.

Every thought has a frequency.

Keep an eye on them.

You realise intent.

Let the banks loose.

Allow yourself really to be you.

Not out of the blue do you feel what you feel.

Do you feel still small?








We are all Soul.

Everything is energy.

What does the universe show you?

It is you in a similar version!

2017 is the year

Of showing your true Self.

2017 offers you the chance to really let go the old stuff.

Let that happen; it will.

Wishing you all the best

Detach from externals.

Free yourself from the eternal yoke.

Return to the Garden of Eden: your heart.

We really are all Soul.

Life is more impersonal than you thought.

Take your chances with both hands:

Stand with all your strength!







Light Regards,

Fine light days and enjoy!