People often ask me after the three Soul Body Fusions: "What now?" And I say often: "Now it starts (only)" It's like driving a car, after obtaining your license you really start to learn to drive. Your Light is now grounded in your body. This gives a new start although you might not notice it straight away

It makes sense to come to me once every three to four weeks to evaluate how you're doing, what you encounter and to release what you need for your growth.

Soul Whispering always is there in my sessions.

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3 x metamorphosis massage to release deeply stored pieces, to open your deep or simply for deep relaxation in a surprising way.

Perhaps one of the initiations can do you well.

A combination of options with my soul family, the connection with the crystal skulls and many other helpers will serve you.

3 x Spirit Body Fusion.
All in good time. It is self-evident when you are ready.

It is like dismantling the stored nonsense, nonsense (it makes no sense) into your Soul, which is now the opportunity has arisen, certainly by the Soul Body Fusions.

I surrender to what is released in guiding your process. Are you in?


We are not God, however, we àre G odly!
Keep it simple.

Light Love, Nathanja