I guide you in learning how to let go (as in dying),

to do and experience it differently ( to be reborn) and to live differently independently (the arising).

I have very ancient energy in me that is required for this process. Through me, you get what you (your soul) need(s) to make progress.

'I' react only to the under stream you send out; that what you really mention and really say, while you probably will come with the 'upper stream', that what you have deluded yourself with or let yourself be deluded in.  

I have gone through all these kind of processes myself thoroughly. 'Nothing' is unknown to me.

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You can call me at:

06 – 16 350 927,
or e-mail me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

from abroad:

+31-6-16 350 927

I live in Almere, the Netherlands. 

COC-number 58013555

We can allso do sessions through Skype: 

Skypename: besefinzicht

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I have been giving a lot of my attention to awareness for over 40 years now. I have attended energetic classes for years in a row channelled through my cosmic parents.

Certified Life Coach is what I also am;  both heavenly and earthly: Both the earthly knowledge, as is the heavenly, energetic knowledge about people is integrated. Therefore I am both practical and spiritual at the same time.

massage as well, both physical and energetic. During the last one (energetic) I do not touch you. Sometimes it is a combination of both.

I allow myself to be guided by my intuition, originating from my own Soul and more. Every time it is a surprise what is allowed to happen. It demands surrender from both you and me.

I work with Ankhrons, your cosmic chakras, which get nourished by your Soul-Energy in contrary to your chakras which get nourished by the energy of your personality.

Orion: Her Power is irrational. It is the breeding place of the universe. I get guidance from her.

I live life on the corner, in the middle of a street that has an H-form, just like Orion itself: I am well Orionted :-)

I was born on july 25th 1964, which is/was 'Day Out Of Time' for the Mayan People. You can find information about it through Google. The last day of their calendar was July 24th. The first day of their new calendar was July 26th. 

I am cement between Heaven and Earth. That is my Place; I transfer information from 'Heaven' to the Earth and the other way around. Practically it comes down to you getting what you need for the present moment, your present process.

Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja