Ankhalogy (dutch: Ankhalogie) is a new doctrine into perspective, a synchronicity doctrine. We have centuries in some ways our ego interpreted the (survive) life. That is how we grow up. Thoughts are frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, like words, and that has consequences. Your heart has a different frequency than your head. It is liberating to be able to, to learn to think with your heart.
I made a card set of 63 cards support this learning process. In addition, I have ready many texts. By viewing earthly minor incidents from a different perspective, learn to interpret differently, you will be more free in your actions.
Join me into the new frequency and let the "old frequency" be transformed. You are capable of more than you think, you know.

When I was in Egypt in September 2011, I received there the request to put this teaching on paper. I started it straight away, not knowing where it would lead. Meanwhile, I realised that this supports people in their processes and certainly my own process of life.

The card set can be ordered through my webshop and I always bring them along to fairs.

Take these broken wings and learn to fly again,

learn to be so free.

And when we hear the voices sing

the book of love will open up and let us in.

yeah, yeah, 

Mr. Mr.: Take these broken wings. (song). 

Keep it simple.


Heart Greeting, Nathanja