The Ankhron Treatments

Ankhrons are cosmic chakras. Chakras 'serve' your ego; Ankhrons serve your Soul, your Higher Self, your Higher Destiny. These treatments bring Balance and can be received after a Soulwhisper session and Soul Body Fusion.

As the Chakras are located between the physical and the energetic body and fulfil an energy bridge function there, the Ankhrons are located between the energetic body and the cosmic body. The balancing of the Ankhrons helps to get further energetic flow between this energetic and cosmic body is what our Soul forms.


The treatments take place in three sessions:

The 1st is the Reconnaissance / Exploration.

The 2nd, a week later, is Deepening.

The 3rd, two weeks later than the 2nd, is the firm Connection.

I prefer you do not do other energetic sessions in between, to give this a full change. Only then you can experience to the full the effect.


Effects of the Treatments:

Your Cosmic World and your Earthly World will get intertwined. As a Human Being, we belong both to Mother Earth as to Father Heaven. Living in balance with both worlds will bring you to your experiences and lessons you intended to have this Lifetime. It complements the Lima, the (balanced) Path of the Possibilities.


Consequences of the Treatments;

You can get a feeling of Flow, followed by being able to handle remnants, pieces that still need healing in you, out of Power while Standing.

These treatments can only take place in three sessions and all three sessions will be scheduled and paid for in advance, as I do with all treatments that come in three sessions. This way you commit yourself to the whole sequence, which is important to do so.


Those who will remember me,

will remember themselves.

Since I am you

and you are me.


Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja