I go beyond what you say and/or write. So I get to the essence of which you could go to work. That can be tricky because you might get or hear things that you (r personality) does not like, but yeah, that's not why you are here for.
Through awareness, you get step by step further. You can then become aware of cause and effect which bother you or you want to work on. There may be issues come forward, where you were not aware of.



Egobollen met felle kleurtjes aug. 2015



Awareness can however also be pleasant and unpleasant; when you become aware of something, you also contribute to accountability. That means that what you are really looking for is to act and live it. Awareness is 'only' one step. Then comes the real work, namely the practice.
I guide you step by step what you bring to the outside, with or without words. You will feel yourself when you want to or can be on your own again, to integrate the lessons learned.
Keep it simple.
Heart Greeting, Nathanja