Terminal care

Guidance from before birth until after death. 


You do in your life many impressions. Especially being a child you overcome a lot and you record it. You adapt to it. You draw (unconsciously) conclusions. You build your personality. You go to school and also embrace information. You will work. You grow older and you start reliving what you have in your youth (unconsciously) have already experienced. There are more and more (unprocessed) events and experiences as you get older.

However, this is one facet. You have experienced several other lives before and chances are that there are unfinished issues brought into this life. Maybe those were issues in those other lives were not closed and can this happen in this life.
We are busy: We spend a lot of time and energy to what the daily life of our demands and we have chosen to also give attention to. We feed our personality strongly and have forgotten where we have come to truly; the command from the Soul. We try to make us as comfortable as possible and avoid as much as possible the inconvenience.

It is often not fun to your right mind, let alone with your full feeling, to go the way back through your (youth) to experience because we all have one somewhere or incurred several dents or holes. We have been seen, heard, understood enough and often have a feeling of unease that we should not be just or selves, but we have to do something. Many of us are not even aware of this, so many layers are continually on top.
Personality, also called the ego, does everything to make his actions remain the same. However, it is essential before you die, to let go as many unresolved emotions by paying attention and to sense everything.


Oudste Grafbloem ter Wereld 



  • Recognize.
  • Acknowledge.
  • Accept.
  • Release.





'Heal' means cure: Heal yourself by H.E.A.L. (Recognize, Acknowledge, Accept, Release) the lighter you will die. Dying you do all your life as it is part of the living process by letting go. Ankha, par excellence, can accompany you with this. She has gone through all kinds of deaths herself.

By H.E.A.L. -ing you come more and more to your own Nuclear Energy.





Terminal care


Do you feel the need for your life (lives) to complete as much as possible, so to free your soul of as much as possible, to let continue its journey without a body, then you can ask me for help. I know all kinds of death and make contact with your Soul: I'm a Soul Whisperer. This makes clear what on earth remains to be done, or not, before you cross.

As long as you live, a soul conversation, the Soul Body Fusion (R), the Reconnective Healing (R) and the Reconnection (R) can still have positive effects on you. Healing has many faces and can be done in many layers. If you're dying, I still know what is and is not allowed to apply to you. And who knows, you maybe dying differently than without treatment, if only it would be more aware. Every bit of awareness, conscious-ness is invaluable.

Wisdom will be with you.


Keep it simple.


Heart Greeting, Nathanja