I give what you need, not what you want. That means I can be a bounder for your limited ego and a blessing for your unlimited Soul. Often there where is the tipping point from limited to unlimited (more), people stop, there suddenly are all kind of reasons not to continue, through fear of the unknown, namely to experience the unknown (more). They would rather stay in their familiar story. It’s daring to let go of it since you must go beyond your resistance being able to enter new layers.  

I attach virtually no values, to norms and values. Otherwise, I can not do my job properly. If I did, you often would not see what is (un)consciously living in you. In fact, you often act differently than you think you do and how you experience yourself.

You'll have to look yourself in the eyes if you want to leave your troubles behind. So I offer no ordinary therapy. Therapy for the personality, the ego, is available everywhere, even in the alternative circuit. In that area, you can find numerous places and many people, who are happy to help you with that. I write this because it is necessary that you become aware of this, even if this website is in a way only theory for you. However, you are not just reading these words. On a deeper level will these words be read by you to get started. Awareness is a big part of my therapy. 
Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja