Over time I have developed a process for the energetic world to pass on initiations. An initiation is an inauguration, admission to a certain (energetic) layer, all with the aim to lead to further insights. I asked my guide and soul again and again wherefore I was initiated. The answer was: You have successfully passed through many initiations in your lives and the name of your practice indicates this;

In-Sight. Realize In-Sight is indeed for me to understand, both earthly and cosmic. With this explanation, I understand better what happens to me and so I am both practical and cosmic. For every initiation, I take one hour. We talk, energetically you will be worked on, you will energetically be treated until you are ready for the initiation, it can take place itself. I let myself be guided.



In your Heart Chakra is a crystal. It is connected to Mother Earth and deep in the Earth live beings who have a crystal in place of the heart chakra. I've seen them myself, so I understood what I initiate:
You will be connected to these earth-beings and you will by guided by them to greater self-insight. This is useful on your path, certainly after receiving Soul Body Fusion.
Whether this is true or not, does not matter to me. What does matter is that you will be guided by your light path so that you advance in knowledge (re)gain in your own doings, so you better understand what you put in motion in the universe, the world around you.



Most of the time your left and your right brain do not work together, thereby creating an imbalance in your thinking patterns and thus an imbalance in feeling patterns. By thinking differently, you will also feel different. It is a little less pleasant initiation, there you can get a headache or a strange feeling in your head. However, it is for the good cause for Cooperation (!) with your soul.
After I received it, I've had weeks right back discomfort. Now it appears that deeper imbalances come to the surface and as a result, I am redesigning my life to include the people around me. That feels like space for myself in a way that gives space for my own dreams! Wow, that's a lot.
During this initiation, I always see a DNA strand between the two hemispheres which was sleeping and then activates woken up. It's a special sensation.



Your organs have been accustomed operating independently of each other (more or less) for centuries. That is very annoying, because you need balance in the right and left hemisphere; your thought patterns need balance, in order to experience balance in yourself. Your body needs a balance between the organs to experience a real balance physically.
This initiation brings up what is still stored in memory in your organs. Mind you; I'm really no earthly doctor, nurse or whatever.
Via Soulwhispering, I'll let you know what your organs are telling you and then we move on to the initiation.

There are other initiations coming. Until now I can pass it on to others. Make use of it!

At your service! 


Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja