The more Soul(s), the more joy!


Looking for a simple and effective way for personal growth?

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You live in a body, have a soul and are a spirit. Most people have a small connection between body and soul. Without the soul, the body can't function. Our soul is a connection between the body and your spirit. By inviting the soul into the body, they will fuse. The fusions come in three sessions. Another internal journey will start. You'll walk your path more fiercely and firmly than before the fusions. The balance will occur within you, in a way you couldn't reach before the fusions. I see it happen all the time.


Soul Body Fusion?
- Reached the ceiling?

- You feel you're stuck?

- For deeper balance. 

- For standing firmer.

- For more insights on your actions.

- Going in circles and want to get beyond that point.

- Etcetera


Energetic operation during the three sessions:
1st session : Exploring
2nd session: Deepening
3rd session : Connection / Anchoring 


Visual explanation:

SBF 1e fase ENA small connection of soul and body.

1st Soul Body Fusion: Body and soul explore each other.


SBF 2e fase ENMore connection between soul and body.

2nd Soul Body Fusion: Deepening


SBF 3e fase EN The balance between soul and body. Unity.

3rd Soul Body Fusions: The firm connection between soul and body.



- One on one

- Remotely
- By telephone

- Over Skype 



- Men and women 

- From young to old

- For humans, animals; all that lives

- Situations



€ 240,00 incl. vat

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Some quotes from people after the fusions:

"I make more progressions than ever before, while I did a lot of work on myself." 


"I feel more balanced, for what very grateful for. Nothing stabilised me this thoroughly as Soul Body Fusion has, even though it took a while after the fusions to be able to feel this."


"I increasingly get more insight into my pitfalls by which I don't only THINK I can do something about it, however, I can actually  DO something about them." 


"I'm more grounded than ever. Yes!" 



Follow a workshop:

Do you want to learn to give Soul Body Fusion sessions? Sign up here. 

I'm a certified Soul Body Fusion teacher. 


One day 10:00 - 17:00 hrs or 2 evenings.

Do you bring 4 people with you: Your participation will be free of charge. You'll be the hostess/host.

Where: At you or my place.

Fee: € 195,00 incl vat. 

Keep it simple.
Warm greetings, Nathanja