Spirit Body Fusion or Quantum Body Fusion

Spirit Body Fusion (or Quantum Body Fusion) was released in early 2013. It is many, many times more 'bringing in', 'inner queries' than the Soul Body Fusion. Soul Body Fusion invites your soul to descend into your body. It is, as it were, a drop of the ocean. At the Spirit Body Fusion, you invite the ocean itself to get into your body and stay there. You will be connected to a larger body than yourself. I love awareness, I advise people to do Spirit Body Fusion when it feels right for them. I prefer to do it with someone who has received the Soul Body Fusion. It also occurs in three sessions at the same time sequence as Soul Body Fusion.

At Spirit or Quantum Body Fusion you dive deeper into the transformative aspects of Soul Body Fusion® It puts us among other things the energies and space of Initiation in which you can receive more of your soul and ... keeping then you could imagine - We call this "Quantum Soul Body Fusion." It allows us to use the rapidly expanding energies of this time for our own growth, healing and wellness. You'll éxperience more powerful Fusions than the Soul Body Fusion. Your "coming home" can descend even further. I only do these fusions in people who have received the Soul Body Fusion. Otherwise, you skip a step. A waste, right?


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