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"Become the Master of yourSelf and Master yourSelf".

(Source: Nathanja)


“All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  


Arthur Schopenhauer

Like it can be said out of the ego:"My heart is in the right spot",  I can say now, after my journey in Israel, (The Promised Land) in May 2015:"My ego is now in the right spot." Therefore I will start teaching! 

During the 3 Courses, altogether during a year and a half, group session will take place. You will receive cosmic energies and get earthly tools to work with. Doing your homework and attending as much webinar-classes as you can is essential for the outcome. The Institute wants serious, benevolent student. Every person in a group is important, also energetically.  



Learn to understand the signs on the wall, the signs the universe offers you, and apply them in your daily life. Ankhalogy is a teaching of synchronicity that helps you to understand which direction your Soul wants you to go. Even in chaos is structure.

Head Heart Fusion®:

Four sessions to merge your heart and head energy. Implementation, application is of importance!

Heart Crystal Initiation:

In your Heart Chakra area lies crystal energy. This energy is the recollection of who you actually are. By getting this energy activated, your process in Insight in yourself will be supported.

First Aid Card

You learn to make small cards with text, which will support you in being able to behave differently. This helps you to remember what is happening in specific situations time after time. The cards will give you grip so you can change your behaviour. This change is harder than we think. We often fall back into the old patterns.


My Free Guide, which you have been able to download, is a conscious, active way to get yourself to your subconsciousness. You do this step by step by yourself or with others. Haven't you gotten this wonderful Free Guide yet? Click here!

In every course, you come to your own tipping points, your own turning points; to learn to truly break with your (old) patterns. Those often are invisible, deeply embedded patterns.

Recognition is essential for getting the H.E.A.L.- ingprocess going. 

H  of  Herkennen (Dutch)   = Recognize

E  of  Erkennen (Dutch)     = Acknowledge

A  of  Accepteren (Dutch)   =  to Accept

L  of  Loslaten (Dutch)       = Letting go

So when we put the four first letters of the Dutch words after one another, you get H.E.A.L. 

Without Recognition no H.E.A.L.-ing.  

Course 1Becoming YourSelf

Course 2Staying YourSelf

Course 3Being YourSelf

While you follow Course 1 (all in English) you can get information about Course 2. 

While you follow Course 2 (also all in English) you can get information about Course 3. 

Why is it done this way? It is essential to living (in the here and) NOW. Then we Live, energetically and practically. Time is something we made up for planet Earth. NOW is past, present and future at the same time. It is the Human Mankind who invented time for planet Earth. You can see what you are doing now and at the most one lamppost further, meaning, you can only work on your next step from the here and NOW. The rest is not really of importance. We made it important.

Just Live step by step. You can not skip one step! If you do so, you will fall back. It's like knitting: If you drop a stitch you get a ladder in your knitwear. Unfortunately, you will have to go back further than where you have dropped the stitch! So, no skipping.

I am truly looking forward to Meet You!!!

The Best Choices I have made 

where the Ones that brought me to MySelf.

When I have Peace in me,

I finally can spread it.

Thank you all for magnifying my issues.

By doing my Homework,

I have found me...


(Source: NathanyA)


Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja