Reconnective Healing® 


In imbalance, there can be dis-ease on mental, physical, emotional and /or spiritual level. Reconnective Healing can be applied to create balance. It works out at the DNA level. Each topic is advisable to take three sessions. 

and and/or spiritual level. Reconnective Healing can be applied to create balance. It works out at the DNA level. Each topic is advisable to take three sessions. A session costs € 80, = and is paid in advance.

Tests have shown that the Reconnective frequencies convert chaos into harmony. I think this will create balance. This kind of healings needs balance in all areas. It is not the disease. It's the person who gets the healing. So we go beyond the symptomatic.
Moreover, you can just keep your clothes on. I touch you just like in the beginning, to make contact with you. Furthermore, you may lie down with your eyes closed and you are experiencing your own inner journey. If you can not lie down, because for example, you are in a wheelchair, stay sitting upright, and you can take the sessions as you are, even with your eyes closed. Are you someone who absolutely can not keep your eyes closed, then open them just occasionally, or many. All this does not matter.


You get what you need, not what you want. Be aware of you. That is what I always say to clients. A helaing can thus have different impacts than that you have thought of, than you want. It may also coincide with what you want. It is what you need. This also applies to the next topic.




 dna double helix




The Reconnection®

It is also recommended to take three healing sessions before you do the one-time personal Reconnection. Yes, this only has to take place once in your life. It connects you to your evolution and put you on your life path. You think about it long and short, hoever, everyone's Path is different.You experience it, that is what I recommend.


he Reconnection costs € 333,= for 2 sessions of an hour on average, inclusiding pre- and after talk. this is paid in advance. The amount has to do with resonance and is determined from The Reconnection itself. Feel who you 'should' be with, by whom you receive your personal, non-recurring Recconection. Your Essence knows. 


Although there is a global research, until this day we can not yet explain exactly how it works. However, we can use many things that we (usually) do not understand: Electricity, microwaves, computers and so on. Googling on 'science The Reconnection' and read on. I can still write more about this, but I think you can do your own homework.

I welcome you into this wonderful world. After a long journey, I become acquainted with this, work with it and perceive/experienced the consequences. Something in me is still silent. It is coming home to me in a way that I could not imagine. 


Keep it simple.

Heart Greeting, Nathanja