Your environment shows you where you are at, how it goes in your stand and where you have to work on. You'll learn to see with different eyes, so you can get a message from everything and everyone around you. AnkhA calls 'get inside' or 'reflecting'. This is evident in practice quite difficult to do. The other does it pointing a finger), you do not ...

You learn to disconnect from the people who show you now and go back to where it used to take place. 'In the past' can also be another life in this regard.
When you have learned to make you own  'writing on the wall', you can deal with different situations. Then you can go through it and come out different. In practice, your daily life, you will learn the best. The idea is that you can end up doing it for yourself.




Synchronicity / Writings on the wall:
To my opinion synchronicity means, that there are different layers simultaneously or rather in rapid succession, in which the same things happen.
Example: After I had changed some symbolism in my bedroom, there flew a cabbage butterfly (white butterfly) through the small opening of the window. It showed itself well. When I got the message, it flew away.

After I had drawn a card that said: 'I'm a wise human being'. It had a picture of an owl on it. Overnight, I heard, while I was camping, an owl doing the rounds and ten times an owl call. At that time I slept very often at a campsite. Never before and never thereafter I heard an owl call.
In synchronicity, you find confirmation (back) of what it is happening in your ever-expanding reality.
It supports you in knowing that you are on the right path. It is an indicator of where you should go to. It helps to accelerate your process.
I shall call this phenomenon usually "Signs on the wall." When I recently heard of the word 'synchronicity', I knew right away that this was the same phenomenon. 


Keep it simple.
Heart greeting, Nathanja