Confidene during your lifes journey

Confidence during your life’s journey 



You need trust to establish confidence. Hence, you might have expectations that interfere with having the necessary confidence. It's essential that you to have a certain amount of control since control is needed to feel confident in yourself. 'Confidence during your life's journey' is about the necessity of deep knowing, intuition from the core of who you are.


When you want to have more confidence in your life's journey, a great way is to look at the signs you get from the world. Everybody gets them, day in and day out, so learn to read the signs carefully so you'll feel there is guidance. That will give you confidence. Especially if you pay close attention to the internal signs. You know, that little voice that keeps telling you something. Do you ignore it or do you take it seriously? Act on those signs and stop making excuses, since it will slow your life's course down. We all know that you keep bumping into the same things and you'll have specific experiences over and over again until you understand what's it means and why it happens. It's like school: you can go to the next school year when you've done well in the one you are in now. If not, you'll have to do it over again.


Confidence depends on yourself: did you stop making excuses and do what you need to do, to get where you would like to be? You can't build trust without confidence. It depends more on others. There’s more risk with trust than confidence since you depend on others for faith. Therefore, it's more of a vulnerable place. However, you depend on your spirit, relying on your inner voice, your heart's voice. You can develop confidence as a part of your character by exercising it. Hopefully, you were raised well in an environment where you had enough opportunities to rely on yourself.


When you have confidence, you will be able to experience more magic in your life. It's not so important anymore to know all the answers, to figure it all out, to know where you are going to and what in what direction your life's journey will go. When you think you need to know all the answers - or you might think you know them already - you won't be as open anymore to new experiences. Magic is all around. The fact we exist already is magic. Our physical body is a miracle, nevermind our brain and our intuition.


Confidence enabled me to live the life that suits me, that feels good to me, and I can handle well. Even though I knew I could only live my life, for a long, long time, I've felt I had to fit in more than what was healthy for me. It took too much effort and too much energy to do so. Still, I did not succeed, no matter how hard I tried. I'm not anti-social, I don’t look weird or those kinds of things. Of course, I have, hopefully just like you, my own dress style. As a reaction to not fitting in with the general way of living, I took exception to how I experienced life by not wearing jeans and all those others clothes that most other teenagers were wearing. It was a reaction, not an action. Why? The action comes from within. A reaction is an action in response to someone else's action.

Your life's journey

One person thinks we have a free will, while others believe we do not. Maybe it's a combination of both. Let's say we have a blueprint, like the walls of a house. You can't change those walls because the house will fall apart. You can only break the inner walls. Our free will might be related to what we do with what you experience during life’s journey. It's where the free will comes around the corner. How do you handle what happens? Your inner life is more real than your outer life. You experience life from within yourself. Someone else who encounters the same things might experience it quite differently. Confidence helps you to accept your roadmap.

Harmony tip:

You need the confidence to build trust. Focus more on your own life than the lives of others. You can only live yours and only once, this lifetime. Find more harmony tips visit Fully in Tune!


Delusion of gold rush

The delusion of a gold rush



As with a gold rush, you might think you enrich yourself with a one-weekend workshop. A quick fix. Don't we want it all? Avoid too much hassle and get rid of the problems you have here and now. This 'gold rush' is a delusion: most problems don't occur overnight, and most problems can’t be fixed overnight. It's delusional to think you will be able to resolve deep patterns. It's a process, whether you like it or not. Furthermore, it's also a distraction to focus on too many problems at the same time. Habits are from many influences from inside and outside. Let's take a look at this a little bit closer.


Step by step

Even though your problems might be evident, it's important to work on them step by step. First things first, I would say. If you do too much at a time, you might get further away from home, and you'll have more problems than you started with in the beginning. Same thing for tasks you need to do: break them down into small steps, so you can at least take one step at a time and progress. No hop, spring and jump. Take your time and trust the process. Stay on it, though. Otherwise, you'll lose track and you'll be worse off.



It is also desirable you have at least one good coach, one person who you trust, to guide you through your process. Skip the gold rush and seriously work on whatever you need to work on. It might take months or even years. Sometimes lifetimes, but you'll be rewarded. Energy never disappears, ever. It can change into something else, sure. So when you put effort and energy into your process, and you are willing to emphasise the process instead of the goal, you'll probably get more happiness out of it than just chasing the target and not caring how you get there.



Please notice the little victories. They don't have to be visible. Let them be a spontaneous consequence of the inner work you've been doing. You are with yourself 24/7. In a certain way, you can't run away from yourself. Yeah, sure, you can work, drink, eat, smoke, sleep, have sex or whatsoever too much - yes, those are all ways of running away from yourself - and still, it will come back to you, sooner or later. So every little step you take will be gold. Every small inch you gain towards yourself is gold. It's the little things that make the difference. Real change is in the details. That takes time and dedication.


Harmony tip

Life is a learning process. Enjoy your growth and value every little detail in it. It's gold to recognise what you're fine-tuning.
Life will reward you.


Make it simple.


------------------------------------------------------------------Feminine energy also for men

Feminine energy for all of us

Whether you are a man or a woman, feminine energy is for all of us. The balance between male and female power is what I advice you to aim. You can consider the thoughts you have as the ‘hardware’: Most men still learn that what they think is more real than what they feel. However, you can consider the feelings you have as ‘software’: Most women still learn that what they feel is more real than what they think. So let’s find the bridge between both of them and enjoy the power it gives. I want to emphasise the feminine energy in this blog.


Two kinds of feelings

I teach people to explore their two kinds of feelings:
1. The ones you have because of how you think.
By changing your thoughts, there is a real chance you will get different feelings.
2. The ones you have because of your intuition.
We call this ‘intuition’, and all of us have it, whether you are a man or a woman. I call it ‘the inner knowledge’.  It doesn’t have to be explained. You simply Know it.


Count on your instinct

We think it’s entirely reasonable that animals have a strong intuition. They know how to take care of themselves and most of the time the rest they learn from their parents or one of them. Many men think that working with energy is woolly. They don’t want to have anything to do with it. Yes, it can be woolly, depending on how you deal with it. Instinct is as vague, too soft. How about also much thinking: couldn’t you call this ‘too hard’? Men have intuition too, and in the long run, they thrive better when they integrate this into their daily life as well. Call it instinct; it’s alright since you can count on it. You just have to get used to it.



Without feminine energy, I would be a bitch. Since I have experienced life not safe enough to be the woman I am, I developed a way to get stronger in my male energy, even though it didn’t serve me very well. Yes, for a while, since I didn’t know how to deal with the diversity of people anyway. The older I became, the more I realised I needed myself entirely. So I have also spent the time to get in touch with the female energy. What does it mean? Well, most of the time I can let go of the bitchy part of me and still be firm. On the whole, I have learned I can express myself, my feelings, my intuitive knowing, without having to convince others. So by showing respect for others, I learned how to respect myself and vice versa. I said goodbye to the bitch and welcomed my femininity.


Harmony tip

Stop skipping and denying this ‘software’ you have: It’s there for a reason. (hardware) All people are androgen, meaning they have both female and male energy. So why not integrate both? I invite you to do so.


Keep it simple,



Expressing your emotions is better than suppressing them


Expressing your emotions is better than suppressing them


Express versus suppress

When do you express your emotions and when do you suppress them? There are social standards in every corner of our lives, all over the world. Social standards are necessary since you need a framework as a guideline for respectful communication. We need them as much as we need traffic rules: it's going to be a mess without these rules. But what do you do when this social framework gets in your way emotionally? You need to navigate this.


Keep it safe

You need to keep it safe for both you and the other person you are talking to in order to reach him. When you suppress what you feel over and over again, there is a risk you'll be too firm when you finally do express yourself. Therefore, it will be overwhelming for the other person, and he won't be able to hear your message. Instead, he will start to defend himself, which is a natural thing to do. It happens before you know it: fight or flight.


Fight or flight, or ...

When you hear something you don't like, you can fight (read: defend yourself) or flee (walk away, walking out of the conversation). We are all the same, we human beings. Nevertheless, we ACT differently. One has different backgrounds, different social standards and thus different associations, both consciously and unconsciously. What if you don't fight or flee? What else can you do? We can stick to the feeling we have and express it within the space of the general social standards. Yes, you can, even though it might be a challenge.


Express challenge

At this moment, I invite you to exercise an expression of emotions in such a way that you've done your best to keep it safe for whom you're speaking to. Let that person stay safe enough to hear your message. Whether he wants to listen to it or not is another matter. Most of the time, it will be about something you want and don't get. No, I'm not only talking about material things. I also talk about the immaterial world.



When a child yells for candy, it's not only about the taste of it. It also concerns the feeling it gives. When you are used to comforting your child after they have hurt themselves, the child will make a lifetime connection within its brain: "When I hurt myself, I get a sweet." They might destroy themselves over and over again, without remembering this underlying reason and meaning. They might eat too many candies to comfort themselves, not only when he's been hurt physically, but, sadly enough, also when he is hurt emotionally. It can be an unconscious vicious circle.


Core Value Talk

Once again, I would like to invite you to study “Fully in Tune's” Core Values. Why? It is important to learn how to express yourself safely, so it will be effective. If not, why bother with what you express. The “Core Values” are guidelines for your inner work and the work you do for yourself in this world. They bring awareness, empower your communications and are a reliable tool for private coaching. What more can you ask for?


Harmony tip

An emotionally healthy person can express his feelings in a way that keeps the other person feeling safe so that he will hear the message. Exercise it. Become emotionally healthy. Good luck!


Keep it simple,  Nathanja


Keep wondering 



Get to the point please


Please, get to the point

You might moan, complain, point your finger at someone, be angry or whatever, but get to the point, please. It’s easier to look at the speck in someone else’s eye and failing to see the plank in our eye. But what if there were no ‘someone else’? We are all one. All of us need food and drink. We are born and will die and have a body to take care of. Think of all the other things that we all have in common. Nevertheless, we function differently, whether you like it or not. So, please get to the point, so we can move on.


Wrap your arms around it

Yes, wrap your arms around it, by embracing the places you bump into, you can learn from it, instead of using it as an excuse to skip the issue and focus on the world around you. Give yourself the chance to become more of who you are. Even though this might sound vague, it isn’t at all: if you keep doing what you have been doing, you probably won’t get different results. Even when you like the results, why not change some behaviour, some thoughts and experience new reactions, new challenges and new realms so you get to know yourself even better. Wrap your arms around it and give yourself a break from what you already know.


Change of mind, change of heart

Usually, you can change your mind, but you can’t change your heart. If you get a heart transplant, there is a great chance that you’d act and think differently. The heart has a very specific memory, both physically and energetically. Every thought you have that isn’t in line with authentic truth does something with your heart. Not surprisingly, there is an immense amount of people suffering from heart problems. It’s not just the poor food we eat, it’s also the poor thoughts and intentions we have. Be aware of yourself in totality. Embracing yourself without considering everything won’t let you go to your tipping point. So please, get to the point. Are you with me right now, or did you drop out?


Direct conversation

‘Fully in Tune’ will teach and guide you in having a direct conversation with yourself and others. You won’t get tricks, oh no. You will get life-long self-improvement by fine tuning, resulting in growing autonomy and strength. It is applicable both to individuals and groups, private persons and businesses. By having made countless mistakes during my life – I’m 53 years ‘old’ right now – I learned to have conversations with myself beyond the general level. By having this direct conversation with myself, I get to the point within myself, so I can be clear to you about what I want and need to be a worthwhile person this time around. If you keep telling me things other than what you REALLY should or could say, why do you demand so much effort of me to understand you? I invite you to have a direct conversation with both yourself and whoever you talk to so you’re completely clear. Let’s move on to the next level: Yes, get to the point, please.


Harmony tip

By getting to the point within yourself and with others, you save a lot of time and effort during your life. When you start doing it, you will permit other people to do so themselves. This clear way of conversing will be very effective in every area.


Keep it simple,



IF this were you how would you be 





How can you convert tension into relaxation


Tension into relaxation

Are you a tension seeker or relaxation seeker? You, me, we live in a world full of possibilities. However, each step you take brings more responsibility into your life. I hate that sometimes. Agreed? So of and on I wonder how I can turn tension into relaxation since when I am tensed, I don’t get much done.  In one way or another, in addition to my tightly packed schedule of activities across various elements, I tend to lose track of the countless steps to take. Losing overview doesn’t work for me. Instead of figuring out what to do first, I allow myself to feel tension without turning it into relaxation. Do you recognise this? Would you like not just to KNOW how to do it, however also APPLY it?



Yesterday evening I was doing homework for my own company. There are so many small, new, exciting, annoying steps to take, which are fine with me as long as I can keep a clear focus. I lose that vision occasionally. Darn, I get stuck and feel like having so much tension that I am no longer open, let alone to relax. There is no way I can breathe deep since my anxiety doesn’t WANT to breathe deep: it wants to exist to the full extent. I decided to let it have it’s ‘fun’ and then have a good conversation with it. “Are you feeling pity for me? Did you come around the corner once again, since I felt I had a good day? Can’t you see you don’t bring me anywhere but feeling disappointed? Can’t you stop and transform into something that supports me?” It might sound weird. However, I do have a conversation with it as if it were a person.  



As I apparently can allow tension – I’ve exercised that a lot – I thought it to be kind to apply relaxation. Then see just look at how I feel. “I have too much stuff on my to-do list to relax,” you might think. Just the thought of your never-ending to-do list gives you too much tension already. Oh yes, I know. “It isn’t me who made this all up. It’s my boss who always gives me too much work. There’s not enough time for all of it.” Relax and start to spend some time and energy into a good, fair conversation with him or her. Seek relaxation, or you won’t get anything done. Better do less in a day and do it well, than do a whole lot in a day and nothing to your satisfaction, no matter if you work for yourself or a boss.


Yes, if you can ALLOW stress, you sure are also capable of allowing relaxation.  There is balance in everything. That’s a law of life, whether you like that fact or not. We live in a world of duality. You can make it work for you or against you. If you are thin, make it work for you: Dress well. If you are fat, make it work for you as well: Dress well as well. Do you have no job and you would want to have one: make it work for you and at least start to do some voluntary work, so you stay in touch with the working mentality. Do you have a job you don’t like: make sure you find another job you do want. Why waste time spending your precious time and energy into a position you don’t experience any relaxation?


Harmony tip:

By allowing the panic and the stress, you can learn to realise you can enable the relaxation as well. It’s a matter of exercise. I always say:”If I can do it, you can do it”, since I am not a quick learner. Allow yourself to get one step beyond the habits you allowed. Be surprised by your behaviour. Start now when you want to find out more about similar issues.





What does Happy New Year mean to you

What does ‘Happy New Year’ mean to you?


When you think of ‘happiness’, you might think of something other than what I do and what your neighbour does, etcetera. It also might mean something different to a man or a woman. Belief systems, religions, countries, groups, family, personal choices, character and even more influences what you might experience as ‘happiness’. We all want to be happy, so let’s see what diversity connects to this word.

Share and care it

Happiness is the only thing that doubles by sharing it.’ So let’s share it and care. Somehow, I am afraid to get less of it by sharing it. Happiness is something that someone can take away from me. “Why?” I asked several times. The inner answer was consistently: “Since I am not allowing enough of it.” I didn’t like the answer and started the necessary inner conversation. I did my own LightSteps®, a method that is and isn’t very easy to apply. It’s part of a course from ‘Fully in Tune’. Whenever I tried to go deeper, there was a stronger force holding me back. I am persistent, though, and kept putting time and effort into finding out what the deeper underlying cause could be. I am still going through that process. It seems to have lots of layers.

Human Being

As a human being, I feel the diversity of the possibilities on earth. It isn’t easy for me to define ‘happiness’. It sucks sometimes. Once I think I have the answer, it slips away and the next thing to do is to start right from the beginning. The easy answers are easy to obtain. That’s not the issue. Nevertheless, there are deeper reasons for my experiences. You probably recognise that. I understand that I am limited, no matter what people say. I cannot become what I want in a certain way, simply since there isn’t enough time. When I look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, lots of publicities and more, I realise that is also limited, one-sided, focused on some image, making others believe things you would like to believe yourself. ‘Survival’ is what I call it. We are busy, first and foremost, surviving, keeping ourselves alive.

First you

In the event of air failure, you must first take care of yourself. Otherwise, you might die and not be able to help anyone at all. We should also do this in daily life. First, in a healthy way, make sure you can be of value to others and the world. Happiness, you can create yourself. It doesn’t have to be visible. You don’t have to be able to mention it. It doesn’t have to show. Cherish it, feel it, experience it within yourself. You can exercise this day by day. When do you lose that right feeling? How else could you have reacted? It’s true, you first. Try it out, however, don’t exaggerate. I learned: When there is a ‘too’ in front of something, it’s not so balanced.

The deeper meaning of ‘happiness’.

You might seek the deeper meaning of ‘happiness’. It makes you stronger to do so. It gives you more protection physically, mentally and spiritually than you can imagine. Keep it balanced. Figure out what gives a long-lasting feeling of happiness, instead of the highlights. Exercise it all: it’s in every corner of your life. It can be a new, higher level of your existence. Maybe it’s in you, and have you been there, all along. Maybe you can change your attitude. I did, and it did help me. Maybe you can react differently than you usually do. I did and this also helped. We are social beings. We try to fit in AND be ourselves more than we realise in our busy day-to-day lives. Happiness gives you a certain feeling of security. It’s like your soul: Nobody can take it away.

Harmony tip:

Yes, share happiness, first within yourself on a day-to-day level, so you can behave, think, feel and act according to this feeling. Meanwhile, you teach people silently how they can find their own, personal happiness. Share it and care for it.

Good luck with finding out what ‘Happy New Year’ means to you!

Keep it simple.



Are you a difficult person or highly sensitive


Difficult or highly sensitive?

Are you a difficult person or highly sensitive? Do you know someone you experience as difficult? Please read this blog. It might be different than you think. It’s not as crystal clear as you might believe. So let’s take a look at this topic from different angles so you can get a better picture of what might be going on. Being highly sensitive can be a blessing or a curse. You can learn how to live with it and use it to your advantage and teach others to understand you better and get along with it.


For years in a row, I considered myself to have a severe personality. I felt very unhappy with myself and my surroundings. Somehow, I kept missing the point and felt unhappy with the results of any attempts. I felt misunderstood and never good enough, got angry and frustrated over and over again, even though I was working on my personal growth. Over and over again, I bumped into people who rejected me, did not understand me or even worse, neglected me. On the whole, I became very good at hiding what was going inside of me. I somehow couldn’t reach a more profound level in myself, since I acted like a victim of all of this. Generally speaking, I just wasn’t able to see how I was performing. Instead, I could only see the growth in the fact that I was acting instead of swallowing it all. Hiding without knowing it, feeling better not knowing it and still doing it.


My daughter with Down’s Syndrome has run various placements to find out where her heart lies in future activities after she finishes school. She will turn 18 next month and so the school will be over for her pretty soon. She has been going to one place and every day after, she became ill somehow. I had to pick her up from school and take her home. She would look at me while she stepped into the car, would cry one more tear and started laughing, time after time. I decided to not pick her up from school anymore and a few weeks later, I decided not to let her go to this internship anymore. Something wasn’t right, and she isn’t able to tell me. At another place, we had an introductory meeting. After some more signs, I decided not to let her start her internship there at all, etcetera. I wasn’t very pleased with this chapter named ‘internship’ since there seemed to be many little things I kept bumping into that reminded me of my youth. I was too steep of a person and I should not be so picky.

Fine tuning


Internalisation was necessary to keep me on track in this process. After a lot of internal conversations, that the place where I had been acting out was with the assumption that I was being a difficult person, complaining most of the time. The more precise I was in expressing myself and explaining what I felt, the more I disliked continuing this process. “If nothing is good enough and I am considered a complicated person, why bother?” I thought. Though I know I am a highly sensitive person, it doesn’t mean that one has to react the way I would have like them to. By fine-tuning from within myself, I helped myself to a clear state of mind, followed by a different tone of voice in a light-hearted way. That helped! Instead of just fine-tuning within myself, I also started to get in tune with the world, step by step, attempt by attempt. What a relief. I crumbled and stumbled at first. However, I am getting better and better at it and wish the same for you.


  1. Realise you are ‘just’ one side of the story: there are more sides.
  2. Even though it is essential to take into account that many details are important to you, don’t overdo it.
  3. So don’t let yourself become a victim of this beautiful aspect of your life!
  4. Do your best to figure out how you can reach the other person.
  5. Make sure you keep things in perspective. It’s all relative!
  6. Being highly sensitive can be a blessing or a curse. Which one is up to you.
  7. So use it in a positive way instead of letting it be a burden.
  8. When you feel difficulties with it, you might consider yourself to be using it negatively. Too bad.

Harmony tip:

It’s natural to attempt to be thorough for you. Have fun with it and consider it as the richness of your personality. This way it can be a real joy and a very strong skill to make yourself whole again. Let me be your direction indicator.

Keep it simple.



Satisfaction perfection




8 Reasons why you should stick to your difficulties


8 Reasons why you should stick to your difficulties


Your difficulties

Here are the eight reasons why you should stick to your difficulties:

  1. Your difficulties are difficult for you since you have not exercised them enough yet to master them.
  2. You will not call it a 'difficulty' when you realise that it is the best way for you to grow. Without growth and change, life would be boring.
  3. When you had no troubles, you probably wouldn't feel the need for change and would not make yourself look at issues differently.
  4. When something attracts your attention, you put energy into it. Negative things attract more attention than positive things. This has to do with our reptile brain: survival before anything else!
  5. A problem is a challenge you called upon yourself to broaden your horizon.
  6. By sticking to your difficulties, you give yourself the chance to transform. Life is all about change, so why would you want to keep change out of your life?!
  7. You're not alone. I can assure you that everybody has got issues to work on. Don't think you are the only one who is working on a certain issue, ever!
  8. Experiencing change within your most profound challenges will give you a strong feeling of satisfaction: you DID it!

Whatever is straining you the most, is the best challenge to overcome! Take one step at the time. Nobody learned to walk in one day! By taking small steps, it is doable to overcome your fear in this area. These small steps also make it possible to see how this process works for you. You can look back on the steps you took and you can make a plan forward with what steps to take. As you would work in a company, you always have to stay on top of the process. Make the steps measurable, so you know what the consequences are concerning the decisions you have made. You can always change your plan, however, give it a good chance to be a success. Do not give up too quickly, otherwise, you will get confused.


Don't be too easy on yourself in this process. It needs persistence and dedication. Some topics might take years or you will bump into them for the rest of your life. That does not matter as long as you do give them attention in a loving, growing way. Create the right attitude, so you can support yourself on this learning journey and make it possible to be supported. You can also be supportive to another person with the same issue, by sharing your feelings and thoughts about that which you have experienced as difficult.


Harmony tip

Instead of pushing the problems away, you can embrace them and dive into them. Ask questions, to yourself and others. It might help you to get more insights than just trying to figure it out on your own. Use the Core Values of the AnkhA Institute. This appears to be a healthy start of whatever conversation you will have, internally and externally. Good luck!


Keep it simple. 



Its the tone that makes music

It’s the tone that makes the music

Do you bump into situations where you think:”I honestly have given it the best I can, but I do not understand why my message did not come across!” I guess you do. We all know this feeling. You THINK you express yourself well, however, in the meantime, you still have some homework to do. This way you can find out what happened. Were you in line with your message, or were you trying to convince the other person? Did you agree with your message, or did you withhold something? Yes, dear, it’s the tone that makes the music.

Awareness of tone

Let’s become aware of the tone we use when we send out a message by speech. For example, you are furious at one of your children. You have learned to count to ten, take a deep breath, not to hit them and be gentle with them. Meanwhile, the steam is coming out of your ears.  But hey, you manage to control yourself. Great, you think. You explain calmly how you feel and what you want from her.  (Alright, maybe it’s a boy; from him). The message seems to come across, and on the whole, you are content with how you dealt with it. You might hear your inner voice straight away, somewhat later or maybe you won’t listen to it all. It wonders about your awareness of your tone.

Sensitive to a deeper level

Did you have a good night sleep or are you tired? Do you still hold a grudge against your mum, not knowing how to get over it? Don’t you like yourself, not really? Are you aware of your inner homework? Are you in contact with the core of your anger. It seems to be so easy to say:”I have done enough inner worksoul searching to know myself. Thereby I am aware of the law of attraction. I see what I am doing.” Well, let’s see. I invite you to download the free e-book ‘LightSteps®’. Begin using it right away, so that you can start the crucial conversation within yourself. It’s time to be more sensitive on a deeper level. Let’s move away from the obvious and move towards the abstract part of us.

Inner tone

That which is going on inside of you produces a particular frequency. When you are not aware of it, you can act with kindness and understanding. You can even think you are doing fine. Nevertheless, this wavelength carries on and is embedded within what you say. When the wavelength of both of them are not the same, there is a high chance that your message does not come across as much as you would like! Therefore, you might consider more inner work, so that your emotional tone will match with the words you speak. It is important to realise this.

Harmony tip

The first thing to remember is: All is energy, a non-physical phenomenon. You can’t fake energy, simply because it is what it is. Stop denying who you are, so blocked energy can flow again. Allow yourself to recognise and honour whatever is inside of you. By pushing it away, it transforms into something you don’t want. A great help to start such an intimate conversation is my free e-book LightSteps®. You can download it here.




Open (your heart)


How can you open your heart without being hurt? How can you explore the heart path and still feel safe? How can you generally be open? From time to time you might feel that you better not open up to the person in front of you. That isn't the same as shutting down inside. The sooner you stay open within yourself, the better since nothing is as disastrous in every corner of your life that you should lock yourself out. It's the beginning of a life full of wandering instead of wondering.




You are conscious and yet you wander around? Do you feel a piece is missing even though you have been looking for it all along? Open up to your truth. It might be painful but in the long run, you'll be grateful you did. Pain is nothing more than a firm guide to get you where you truly want to experience. Denying pain is denying your spiritual path of life. The first thing you should keep in mind is: You are a spirit! You are not the pain; you have pain. Henceforth, you know this and you can act on these facts.




Instead of wandering, start wondering! Start asking yourself the questions that are necessary to open up to your truth. Rather than denying it, you can better to start having the right conversation with yourself. In the long run, you can't be open to anyone, if you close up to yourself. You are with yourself, 24/7, whether you like it or not. Therefore, the advice is to start wondering about a whole lot of things in your life. The outer world is just a mirror of your inner world. In the higher realms, there is knowledge waiting for you, ready to download.




You can use all kinds of reasons to avoid your inner homework. It is very understandable, that when you live in an area where there is war, you might think it is of no use. I advise you to start with it forthwith! War needs more healthy spirits than anywhere in the world! Generally speaking, it is not so much about what you say. More so, it is about what you think. Where do you give your attention? Step out of the war within you as much as you can.


Harmony tip
No matter what the situation is that you're in: Open up to yourself. Be as truthful as you can. Get yourself to a higher place. To start now, download the free E-book 'LightSteps®' here.





Soul searching

My soul has gently and firmly given me signs to stop with the work I do for a certain radio station. I can feel it. However, I don’t want to feel it, since my mind is telling me otherwise. It makes me think I won’t make it without this station, whereas I never get reactions to what I do. Blogs, written by me, are posted on their website. I go to the studio when I can – costing me time, money and energy – and I feel in a certain way I do not exist. Somehow I kept thinking I needed them. 


Sign sensitive

Sign after sign has come along,  and in the background, my soul is observing me what I do with them. There is a man I feel poorly about. He’s nice. People seem to like him. No matter what I do or don’t do, I still feel there is not a real entrance to really connect with him. It looks like it.
The other day I gave him a compliment: ‘The more you are balanced, the more I can feel you. That gives me a feeling of safety.’ I was sincerely expressing my feelings. We ended the Whatsapp chat with him thinking I need something from him. Interesting. I woke up with it and let him know. I never got a real reaction to it. He seemed not to understand what I meant, which feels awkward to me. Let’s be sign sensitive here.


Letting go

I gave up the project I did in a prison. The prison might not be entered again by me. Therefore,  I won’t interview prisoners any longer. I sometimes miss it. Yes. Over time it became apparent to me that it would be better to let the project go. I have given up people, situations, jobs and more. Every single time, it wasn’t that easy for me. Thoughts and feeling get mixed up quite quickly. To begin with observing what’s happening to me, I become clear what I need to do. This studio work is the last ‘other work’ I have next to the ‘AnkhA Institute’. Am I scared to live the dream that has been living inside of me for so long? No. I want it. The teachings come naturally. What I do best, needs all the time, energy and whatever else it needs to allow it to blossom. I simply have to let it happen, without delay, now.


Dare to be daring
It is the curiosity where new grounds can be inspected and experienced. New confidence. You go beyond your know limits. It evokes Life in you. You explore this in a careful way, so you will be able to experience new horizons in your life. (number 4 of the Core Values)

My body and soul have told me what I need to do. The signs are clear. By all means, I have made clear that it is time to let go … and I just did. I have just Whatsapped the founder of the radio station to say that I would like to explain tomorrow why I will stop my contribution to her dream. I did it. Will I know what the consequences are? Maybe. Will I know if I did the right thing? Yes, in the background I feel the excitement. I did it. There is no way back. I am guided towards my dream. My spirit wants me to give it all. My soul, my intuition helps me along the way. Is this daring? Well, to me it is. Dare to be daring. It sometimes takes a while before you take the step. How many signs have you gotten?


Harmony tip:

Instead of ending the contact totally, I decided to keep writing my columns for their website. This way I take into consideration what they need and what I need. 


I feel my harmony deeply now. How do you feel yours?


Je kunt oefenen met je meer open te stellen, open te blijven en open te zijn. Dat kan best spannend zijn. Let maar eens op hoe vaak je je toch afsluit, ook al denk je van niet. 

Quote week 5 2017 Open up



Quote week 4 Make it simple. Use my LightSteps method


AnkhA Institute logo Ahmed


What is harmony?


It's easy to blame someone else for your discontent. Very easy. It's easy to blame your situation for your unhappiness. It's easy to nurture disharmony. You might be right that the place you're in, the people you are with, the illness you have to deal with are very difficult for you. Sure. I understand that very well because I have been there. I have had difficulties for decades in a row, wondering if I could ever grow out of it.


It takes some ingredients to get it changed: changing is daring. It takes a certain kind of courage to change. You do not know the outcome. This might be one of the reasons why you did not change before: your ego keeps the same problems going. Is the ego a nasty, bad 'thing'? No! Without ego, no growth. It is the core of us, human beings. It contains the lessons we wanted to learn, those decided before you were born again.


Without your ego, you would only wander around. You are here to evolve, to experience some evaluation, a personal one. Every step counts, no matter how small it is. So we all have topics we keep bumping into, we think we would rather avoid them for the rest of our lives. However, there are reasons why you come across this over and over again. You get the possibility to evolve in that chapter over and over again. Ego does not give up very easily.


Core values
By listening to a lot of souls during soul whispering, the core values used for the 'AnkhA Institute' became clear. The last one that came to me was 'fulfilling.' It's a form of being subservient to your soul's knowledge. That's why Soul Body Fusion® is important. Please take a look here.  However, it's not the end of your journey: it's the beginning. By using the core values of the 'AnkhA Institute,' you will experience more harmony within yourself.


Harmony is different for everyone. It is important to find out what your harmony is. You cannot live the harmony of someone else. You have your own, specific DNA. You need a specific way of eating, rhythm of living, dressing, etcetera. Harmony between people is the addition of what is good for you and also the other. That creates a new space. It creates new possibilities. Many times I am surprised at the outcome when I enter this harmony space. So: It is not just all about you, not just all about me: it is about you and me, we!


Cosmic harmony
When you talk about cosmic harmony: our spiritual guides live the core values as well as they can. Maybe, by knowing this, they are easier to apply them to yourself. Using them, you help the cosmic world to integrate into your daily life.

Spiritual awareness
Harmony is also a very thorough way to get spiritual awareness. It is the total amount of the choices you make over and over again. There is nothing vague or lofty about it. Live it and you will find spiritual awareness in your daily life of the here and now.


World harmony
I want people to experience life as harmonious as possible. Therefore I do my very best in my daily life. The whole 'AnkhA Institute' is not about me! It is about you.

Let heaven come on earth and earth ascend into heaven. This way the world will evolve in a very holistic, healthy, thorough way. Please give everything you have and know, to attain this kind of harmony. I did it, so I know you can do it.

Amen = that's the way it is.


Frozen frost: magical. 
Frozen heart: horrible. 
Which one do you prefer?

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Depression is a huge cover up for something else which is unnatural and inauthentic. You may have feelings of unhappiness, unworthiness, or being unloved ... feel far away from your true state of what you really are. Let's leave 'who you really are' out if this writing, since when you are depressed, you need all the time, energy and guidance for 'what you really are'! 


I was severely depressed for years. I had not a clue where to start, how to change what I thought and felt, let alone how to get rid of my severe physical pains. Why bother to live? Why bother to spend time with others, when you feel like a burden anyway? Why believe that someone else could feel the same things you do when that other person seems to not have a clue of what you are talking about? Why tell someone else how you feel, when you feel like they don't care anyway? Why smile when you feel like dying? Why talk about it, when it seems that nobody really cares?


What got you depressed? What causes the feelings and the thoughts you have, written in the text above? What medication are you taking? What situation are you in? What choices have you made according to what you thought was required by the standards of the outer world? What did you do to fit into your class, for example? What did you decide to learn before you were born? What choices have you made in past lives? What did you bring into this life from those past lives? What did you bring into your adulthood from your childhood? What choices do you think you have or not have? What is it that is depressed? What is underneath it? - Yes, depression is a layer - a severe one - on parts that you keep covered rather than uncovering them. Did you know that? What are you pressing down?


Depression is a clear sign of something being pressed down. I have suffered from severe pains for over 45 years. I have been working on myself on all layers: body, mind, spirit. It was hard work. It was like learning how to walk again. It has been a lonely path. It has been an enormous job for me to figure out what caused all of this. I did not give up. I had perseverance, although at times I had the feeling I would never get rid of it. As soon as I thought I could rely on something outside of myself, that 'something' would change. I had to rely on my inner self. I had to leave a lot of people and situations behind. I have been questioning myself over and over again. Step by step, very slowly, I came to a deep point of understanding what was going on inside me.


Not alone
I have been talking with a lot of clients, prisoners, and more people. By using all that I received during all my Soulwhisper sessions, I grew out of my misery. At the same time, I saw people grow out of their own misery. I could not have done it alone. There was one person in my life who was there. Sometimes she was in the background; sometimes I talked to her on the phone; sometimes she and I were together. We faced everything we bumped into. Every single detail got attention. Sometimes it was horrible. Sometimes it was pleasurable. It did not really matter. We said 'yes' to our inner centre and that made all the difference.


Although I can't do it for you, I can teach you the key to your Harmony. I can teach you how to use the tools that I received during my Soulwhisper sessions and I can be a channel, a tool, a key to the universal, cosmic energies during all the courses of the 'AnkhA Institute'. This way you learn what you can do. Every step counts. Energy changes immediately by making the decision you are going to do it. You won't be alone anymore. That makes all the difference. You need at least one person on planet earth who believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. It's a process. I am not the brightest, smartest, fastest, the most beautiful lady in this world. I am a rather slow learner. It takes time for me to process life. The bright side of that is that I have been able to learn a lot, not skipping details. 'The devil is in the detail', a friend of mine recently told me, so we must be thorough. When we are, we will be rewarded by how we feel about ourselves. I am living proof. Energy never dies. Remember this.


For everyone
Is this stuff for everyone? Yes. I have a daughter with Down's Syndrome. I teach her what I know. She has an IQ lower than 50, can't write, can't read, can't really have a 'good' conversation and yet, by talking about it, she somehow picks it up. She functions at the age of a four-year-old. Energy works in magical ways. God works in mysterious ways.

If you think this is not for you, then this is my advice: just begin with downloading the Free Guide 'LightSteps®'. That's a good start. Do you want to get out of the state that you are in now? Start! Every step counts.


Human being
You are a human being. The fact that you were born confirms that you have something to 'do' on planet earth. You came here for reasons you do not have to know. Are you depressed now? You are a human that is pressing your inner self down? Please start unleashing this pressure today, step by step.

Good luck.

Happy New Year 2017 Robin




------------------------------------------------------------------Merry Christmas to ALL of you, Human Beings, Animals, Plants, Trees, Stones, Aliens, etcetera. Find your Key to Harmony. Find the AnkhA

Let every step be Light(er)
AnkhA Bukara



Merry Christmas



Colourful choices


Written by AnkhA Bukara


Life is a colourful reflection of the Light. Light contains all colours, like the rainbow and our chakras. All varieties are there, totally available.

Many times I have thought of how I would use what I teach if I were living in another part of the world. What would I do if there is war? What would I do if I was starving to death? What if I was forced to do things in my life I do not agree with and would be killed when I would not obey? What ... if ... what ... if?


I can't tell. I can think of it. I still can't tell. I am not in those situations. However, this topic came back to me over and over again. I realized I really can't tell. What if my children are killed in front of my eyes?  What would I do? Obey? Leave my own (core) values behind? What would be a spiritual experience in this case? What does it mean to be vulnerable in such a situation? What would it mean to be daring in those kinds of situations? How could I still be 'Sign Sensitive'?


The answer is: It varies all the time and yet it does not vary at all. In all kinds of situations, I can use the Core Values of the 'AnkhA Institute'. I can say something else than what I really mean, to save myself, others. I still can use the power within myself to send out what I teach. I can not tell you what I would do on the outside, the visible world. It would be different, depending on all the ingredients. However, I can tell you what I would do on the inside, the invisible world,  which is stronger than the visible world: I would use all the Core Values. I would do my best - probably after I have overcome my fears (hope I am quick) - to apply them from within.


Meditation opens our minds, to be able to reach our spirit. This way we can open ourselves to spiritual awareness. Most important is to apply what comes to you, not to just think about it. When you feel it is not safe to apply them, you still can do so in silence, within yourself. It is proven that it is a strong way to strengthen your aura, to strengthen your spirit and your soul energy. So our intention can be intensified by our thoughts. The world around you will react stronger to what is going on inside of you than to what you say.


So let's use the colours of life in all situations the best you can. I will give you an example. Maybe it helps. Yesterday my daughter with Down's Syndrome became very ill. I realized I could not cancel my morning client anymore since she had been on her way to me for over one hour. My daughter threw up every 10 minutes. I could not leave her alone. During a session, I do not want to be disturbed.  For a while, I had no idea how to deal with this situation. I knew this was not a life-threatening situation, however, I really did not know how to handle it.  A kind of panic started to rise up in me. After a while, I started to calm down. I had to deal with all the ingredients of the situation and made the best of it.


I allowed it all. By doing so, I calmed down. I put on some music by using my laptop. The c.d. player is broken. The client understood the situation. I took care of my daughter the best I could and the calmer I felt, the more I knew everything was going to be alright. It was. We had a great session and meanwhile my daughter did not throw up at all. She had been on the couch, while my client and I where in my practice, close by the house.

I realised that it is always important for me to keep in mind that my inner state is more important than my outer state. The more I have exercised this state, the sooner it has come back to me. It gives me insight into the situation. I can think clearly and feel that I am in charge. By becoming calme again, I could think clearly.


Of course there are many situation I can think of that are much worse than this one. I know that very well. I hope it does give you some handles to use for your spiritual growth, for your day to day situations, for situations that arise suddenly. The more you exercise the above, the quicker you will get back to your (spiritual) senses. That makes life lighter, that makes it more doable and - who knows - more pleasurable. I wish you more pleasure in life, more colour. You can react to a situation in many different ways. Mostly it is up to you..

Good luck.


Let every step be Light(er) 



Blogfoto week 47 White owl Spiritual signs 1.0

Spiritual signs 

Written by AnkhA Bukara

We hear and read about ‘spiritual signs’ quite often. They are in our lives all the time. I was wondering why they are called ‘spiritual signs’ instead of just ‘signs’. What is the difference? Is ‘spirituality’ such a hype, that we add it to all kinds of nouns, because it sounds more up to date, more interesting, more aware and so on?Or do we really feel there is more to it? Do we really know exactly what we mean?

More questions come up. There is more to explore. There is more than we can see. What is the difference between ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’? Can I say that ‘soul’ is more personal than ‘spirit’? Is it that the more souls, the stronger the spirit? Is ‘soul-energy’ local and ‘spirit’ more like national or even international energy?

What is the spirit and what are the signs? ‘Spirit’ to me, is indeed a collective of more individual souls. When enough people think a certain way, it will happen that way. When there is enough soul-spirit on planet Earth, spirit-energy will change, will be strong enough to cause evolution. Without soul, less spirit. Without spirit, less evolution. Without evolution, no real changes, just superficial ones.

Signs can be seen. Spiritual signs are more about the unseen.

The unseen has been a prevailing topic throughout history. For a long time, you would be called a witch, if you could see or hear more than others, likewise if you were a clairvoyant or knew more about the unseen than you should. Even though religion is just as unseen, there was a certain kind of control. Maybe it gave people something to hold on to. You were told what to believe.  When a clairvoyant tells you something, there is still  examination necessary in order to feel if it is pure (information) or not.

Spiritual signs are there. We are in a world that is globally endangered. There are more weapons in this world than ever. They are supposed to be for making the world a safer place, however that is not the truth. The more people have investigated this topic, the clearer it has become, that it is not about our safety. It is about money. Through the media, more and more is coming to the surface about this and many other topics. These are both signs and spiritual signs.

Meanwhile, there are more and more people inspired in this world. (One of the methods used for this is called ‘Soul Body Fusion®’. Read about it on – also in English). More and more awareness comes down with it on planet Earth. More and more people have released energies of the past centuries from there system. More and more people will keep doing this. The more people that will do so the stronger spirit becomes.

There are crop circles, we know about aliens, we know about people who live on light and nothing else, more and more people feel that we can open our hearts again, that we should take care for one another, that we are one in a much deeper way than we realize in our daily lives. We know about the New Age, about new leaders standing up, about Star Children and much more.

Strengthen yourself daily, watch your thoughts – are they yours – observe yourself and others and find peace in all of it. You might not be able to change the world. However, you are part of the world. You are part of the spiritual signs. You are part of what is happening in the world. Next to the fact that planets go their way, energies are released all the time, awareness grows, it’s also a fact that you are part of this huge, godly plan. All is energy. Nothing disappears. So watch your mentality. Watch your thoughts. Watch the global movement as well.

The signs are there. Plenty and abundantly. Really. We can make it as big or keep it as small as you want. We can’t deny them though. When you feel you need some (spiritual) guidance, the ‘AnkhA Institute’ offers you more than enough. The stronger individuals become, the more souls will gather, the stronger ‘spirit’ will become.